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At David Frantz Landscape, Inc. we are dedicated landscaping professionals with over 30 years experience creating and maintaining beautiful landscapes in Santa Barbara, Montecito, and Goleta, CA. We are passionate about doing work that not only beautifies the local site, but also is good for the ecosystem and our collective quality of life. Our approach to landscaping is creating optimal beauty with minimal maintenance.

We love to use native and drought tolerant plants, to utilize rainwater harvesting on site with ponds and constructed wetlands, and to build soil health with compost, mulch and organic fertilizers. We are opposed to using poisons and herbicides whenever possible. We love being part of the process of nature, mimicking its sheer beauty and resilience in the constructed landscape.

We recognize that building relationships with clients, nurseries, suppliers, landscape architects, fellow landscape contractors and our employees is a fundamental key to success and longevity in our tight-knit community. We strive to go that extra mile to meet clients' needs, even when the rewards aren't monetary. It gives us great satisfaction to do beautiful, ecological and affordable work, and we look forward to making a difference.



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